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Biblical Manhood Education.
Providing faith based mentorship, leadership
development, and life skills training to men
and boys, to give them resources and 
encouragement to lead in and out of the hom

The Conference

Dominion Mens Conference endeavors to educate Men and Young Men on being the Strong Christian Men God almighty has called them to be. Jesus is the perfect model of being a man, in which he put love and service at the center of his Gospel.

Jesus shows greatness in love and compassion; he confronts violence and the abuse of power.

Jesus the God-man who exuded confidence and authority. He knew why he was here and where he was going. His purpose kept him from being side-tracked by the temptations of the world. He was not afraid of being thought weak when he came to childrens aid or treated women with respect. He showed compassion and strength to his friends.

Men are called to be like Jesus, having an inner fortitude, self-discipline,

and self control.

Our Four Core Classes on Biblical Manhood
focus on Being a Follower of Jesus while:

Controlling your appetite

Being a single christian man

Being a married christian man

Engaging in Spiritual Warfare


Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs help clients’ performance and development needs, promoting growth and change, builds awareness that empowers choice and leads to change. Change that displays a person’s potential, maximizing their performance and development in the context of work, career, or personal life.


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More Ways to Contribute




When you donate to DMC, you are directly involved in promoting and encouraging healthy, respectful men. Thank you for contributing to the prevention of violence, bullying and various other social ills, while promoting integrity, authenticity and service.



In our efforts to promote stronger men in our communities,

we encourage young men to become future leaders. However, as a volunteer-based organization, we at Dominion Men's Conference cannot provide excellence in that quest without a strong community of volunteers, volunteers who carry a passion and dedication to

our mission.

We will alert the community, as volunteer opportunities arise.



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